H-Point:The Fundamentals of Car Design & Packaging

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Compiled for aspiring car creators everywhere, H-Point provides a unique and comprehensive introduction to advanced vehicle packaging and design. Written and illustrated by Stuart Macey with Geoff Wardle, this book demystifies the automotive design process and allows designers access to an illustrious careers worth of knowledge. Stuart currently works as a studio engineer at the Hyundai Design North America studio in Southern California and teaches vehicle architecture part time at Art Center College of Design. Geoff is Director of Advanced Mobilty at Art Center

After 5 successful years and widespread adoption by most design colleges around the world, we wanted to make an eBook version for iPad. We took the opportunity to update and add some content based on customer feedback. These updates lead to the 2nd edition

Overall, we changed the layout to make it easier to read and added more color. Expanded the History, Ideation, Proportions, and Mobility chapters. New cover art. An additional 64 pages of content!


Here are some details.

Ch1. History separated out the timeline of events vs cars. Our goal was to look at the correlation between significant events or advances in technology that lead to changes in design direction. Added about 9 pages , was 7 now 16.

Ch2. Getting started is about the same , with a couple of different package samples.

Ch3. Function & Market segments , very similar

Ch4.  Ideation. Added a greater variety of vehicle types to show how the focus and amount of ideation will depend on vehicle function. + 10 pages was 7 now 17

Ch5.  Size and proportion Added a section on tape drawing, to describe the process of getting from 2D to 3D.

Ch6. Occupant Packaging added 4 pages to expand on rear occupants, describing how there is greater scope for rear occupant packaging vs front which is very constrained.

Ch7. Interiors changed the layout , expanded info a little on safety and introduced HMI  

Ch8. Powertrain. Very similar

Ch9. Wheels and tires Very similar

Ch10 Suspension Very Similar

Ch11. Body very Similar

Ch12. Mobility added intro to Autonomous cars increased from 2 to 7 pages

Ch13 Design Exercises. very Similar



Visit the iBook store on your iPad to purchase the totally reformatted e-book edition with over 50 pages of new and updated content!




Collection of sample packages, benchmarking databases, and cargo reference.


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