About Curb

Thanks for checking out The Curb Shop! Owned and Operated by Alan Macey.

At www.TheCurbShop.com we offer automotive art and car t-shirts, designed, manufactured, and delivered with a deep attention to detail. Customer service is something we take extremely seriously.

 - Almost all orders are packaged and shipped same or next day. 

 - We do our best to answer and resolve questions and rare mistakes/problems within 24 hours. 

 - All returns and exchanges are processed free of charge, with free return shipping. 

Curb is a brand for people who love cars, dedicated to the art of automotive design. Founded by Alan and Stuart Macey—car designers by day—their passion for the craft leads them to spend evenings and weekends making art, writing books, teaching, and shooting photos to keep themselves and others inspired.

 Curb /kәrb/ noun
1. a brand dedicated to the art of automotive design
2. z reference plane representing the ground
3. corner boundary to be attacked aggressively



Contact Us

Feel free to email us with any questions at: Customerservice@CurbIndustries.com we typically respond in under 24 hours.

Mailing Address:

6912 Thrush Place, Carlsbad CA, 92011

Return Policy

Returns can be made for any reason, with free return shipping within 30 days of your order. Any defective items or poor quality items are eligible for exchange for 360 days from purchase.

Please contact Customerservice@CurbIndustries.com regarding returns.


Size Chart

At Curb we are meticulous with the line work on our art, and are extremely sensitive to the way that translates from our monitor to the silk screen and eventually the fabric we print on. All that would be a giant waste of time if we weren't printing Curb T-Shirts on the finest blanks available!

We realize that quality and fit is extremely important to our customers. We have tested dozens of different shirts to find something which has a well tailored fit, excellent durability, soft feel, consistent shape and color, and ideal for printing on.

Please use these specifications to help you decide on the size you'd like to order. Keep in mind the majority of our shirts are 100% Cotton, and will shrink a small amount, especially if washed/dried at high temperatures.

In the case that you are not happy with the fit on your shirt, we are happy to work with you on an exchange/refund.

- The Curb Team