TMGPS Bronco Zip-Up Hoodie
TMGPS Bronco Zip-Up Hoodie

TMGPS Bronco Zip-Up Hoodie

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The classic TMGPS Zip-Up Hoodie is available with the very unique (and IMO very cool) Bronco shift pattern! Pre-order now for 10% off, and get up to 30% off when you pre-order over $250 worth of items from the Bronco Collection! Discounts will be automatically applied at checkout and can be combined with things like member discounts, gift cards, etc.


When we released the original TMGPS decal it quickly became obvious  that enthusiasts were very particular about the specific shift pattern on their decals. Over the years we've done our best to offer up as many shift patterns as possible, in some cases it's something that we can manage, but with apparel, it can become very challenging. So we've devised a new plan to help enable us to serve the members of our community who are looking to represent some of the less common patterns.

Introducing the TMGPS APPAREL KICK STARTER program! We need to hit around 120 pieces to pull off a print run of any given design, but we can spread that across a variety of garments. So here's the deal:

 We will count on you to help us meet the goal by spreading the word with your fellow Bronco owners. If you belong to a club, forum, message board, Facebook group, etc. which is dedicated to Bronco's you can have a huge impact on whether or not we can pull this off. So spread the word!

You may also consider that it's very possible we only get one shot at this, or that it's something we only offer once per year, so stocking up on a couple items will not only save you some money, but also improve our chances of getting this done. LETS GO!

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