Cosmic Motors T-Shirt #03

$ 29.00

This is # 03 in a series of Cosmic Motors shirts to come, designed by renowned designer Daniel Simon. It features the Cosmic Motors Detonator bike.
Cosmic Motors is a fantasy world and launched in 2007 with the successful book of the same title. It revolves around the daring creations of a corporation growing from a garage shop to inter-planetary domination. CoMo develops vehicles of any kind, such as spaceships, cars, and motorcycles.
Finally, Simon is able to offer Cosmic Motors apparel. The shirt is designed, printed and packaged in California, with Daniel approving each single manufacturing step.  
Daniel has penned unforgettable machines for movies such as Tron: Legacy, Captain America, and Oblivion. With Cosmic Motors, he follows his dream of building a outer space fantasy world.
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