TMGPS Mustang S197 Print
TMGPS Mustang S197 Print
TMGPS Mustang S197 Print
TMGPS Mustang S197 Print

TMGPS Mustang S197 Print

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Illustration and poster design by TMGPS Founder Curb

Customize your print to match your cars color for $10.  Fully Customize it with your wheels, decals, aero parts, etc/ for $100

Embrace the essence of American muscle with our TMGPS Ford Mustang S197 Poster. A visual salute to the manual driving experience, it's an ideal gift for those who live for the rev of the engine. Fuel your passion, order yours today!


Printed with archival ink on heavy weight acid free hot press paper. 

All Prints are non refundable. If your print is damaged or you are unhappy with the execution of custom color options we will be happy to work with you on a replacement.


The Ford Mustang S197 is a symphony of steel and speed—an emblem of the American spirit. Unveiled in 2005, this incarnation of the iconic Mustang harks back to the heyday of muscle cars while delivering contemporary performance and refinement.
Beneath its bold and muscular exterior lies a heart of pure power. Whether it's the base model's 4.0L V6 or the GT’s robust 4.6L V8, each rev of the engine strikes a primal chord within the driver—a raw symphony of power that propels you forward with a throaty roar. The Shelby GT500 tops it off, boasting a supercharged 5.4L V8, redefining the boundaries of performance and thrill.
Driving the S197 isn’t just about speed—it's about the human connection with the machine, the synchronicity between driver and car. The feeling of the manual gearbox as you effortlessly transition between gears, the surge of power as you shift down, the unique dance of clutch, throttle, and shift lever—it’s an experience that's becoming a rare art.
The S197 Mustang is not just a car, but a testament to the joy of manual driving. Every journey in this automotive icon is a celebration of the open road, a nod to a bygone era that we at The Manual Gearbox Preservation Society cherish and seek to preserve. More than a mere mode of transport, the S197 Mustang is a slice of Americana, a tribute to the undying spirit of manual driving.

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