TMGPS Save The Manuals (All Of Them) Poster

TMGPS Save The Manuals (All Of Them) Poster

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18"x24" Print on 100lb matte paper.

Displaying 30 shift patterns this shirt celebrates the full history of the manual gearbox on passenger vehicles + motorcycles. When we came up with the idea to create custom decals for any shift pattern we really didn't fully appreciate what we were getting ourselves into. Even after 6 years of making them we are still learning about all the unique patterns out there, and there are still all new patterns popping up on products like the 2021 Bronco.

These posters are super nice, but we intentionally wanted them to be a bit less precious than the typical art we sell at The Curb Shop.  This has allowed us to really get the price down. We want people to be able to tack these up in their garage, shop, man cave etc., without feeling like they need to drop a bunch of money on framing. That said, it will look fantastic in a frame, and we'll be shipping them all rolled in tubes to avoid fold marks.

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