Legends Never Die -
Legends Never Die -
Legends Never Die -

Legends Never Die - #002 Gilles Villeneuve

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Google image search "Gilles Villeneuve" and you will have a hard time finding an image where he is not sideways. This phenomenon can be attributed to two things; his blisteringly fast driving, combined with some of Ferrari's most powerful yet infamously uncontrollable formula one cars in history. His relatively short career hampered by less than stellar machinery would fail to impress on stats alone, but some consider him to be one of the fastest F1 drivers of all time.

"He was the craziest devil I ever came across in Formula 1... The fact that, for all this, he was a sensitive and lovable character rather than an out-and-out hell-raiser made him such a unique human being" - Niki Lauda

This is the Second in what will be an on going series of art featuring the legends of racing.

Art by Stuart Macey for Curb.

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