EVA 01 F1: by Walter Kim
EVA 01 F1: by Walter Kim

EVA 01 F1: by Walter Kim

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Walter Kim is expanding his F1 garage series with another Anime icon! This time we get to enjoy the neon glow of Evangelion UNIT 01. We will continue to drop prints in this series, but from now on we will be dropping them 1 at a time. You can keep up with the Walters social feeds to get an idea what maybe coming in the future so that you can plan out your dream collection, or just send it and grab them all!

Walter Kim is a designer/concept artist who carries his enthusiasm for the craft home with him and get's right back to work on personal projects. I've always been drawn to his work by the way his style/technique seems to bridge illustration and industrial design sketching. There is an impressive level of accuracy in his draftsmanship particularly in the way he illustrates detail. Every last hose and fastener feels designed, resolved, and drawn in proper perspective. The cast shadows also feel super accurate and do a great job of helping to describe form.

24"x36" Limited Edition of 100

13"x19" Limited Edition of 100

Frame not included.

Giclée Print on Archival Hot Press 100% cotton rag. 

Heavy weight paper with a smooth low gloss finish, which provides deep blacks and rich color saturation.


These pieces are strictly an homage, and in no way affiliated with Evangelion or F1.

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